mnphysicist’s theological blog is where I discuss matters of faith, life, and theology. I was a co-leader of one of the largest Christ focused message boards in the world (as measured by bigboards.com) for quite a while. As a leader, there were just too many times when I wanted to write something, but it just wasn’t appropriate to bring up, and thus while I had a site blog over there, this one stood alone.

I’m uber conservative from a Christological point of view, and a flaming liberal in matters of society/morality, but am not an antinomian. I do fully believe righteous living is accomplished through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, much less so a Christian brother or sister pounding on another. This is not to say the law should not be preached… but that it is then in the Holy Spirits hands to effect change, not ours. A key precept that makes me Lutheran is the strong emphasis on law and Gospel, not one to the exclusion of the other. Another one is the emphasis on a theology of the cross, rather than the most toxic soteriology entwined by a theology of glory.

I wrote a personal statement of faith some years back, its a continuous work in progress as the Holy Spirit needs. The process of writing and revising I find incredibly helpful in my walk.


I worked in aviation for years, as a college student it was nearly a full time job, and then when engineering became my mainstay, flight instruction became a part time gig. My aviation site focuses on resources for flight schools and instructors, but it may be of general interest as well.


I also teach bass guitar, assist with artists, and provide tech support. Back in my younger days, I was a bass player for hire, pretty much any style, and any place I could drive to in under 6 hours. I’ve played in over half the states, and 4 countires.

Tech Blog, Gadgets, and Work

Inventors Garage is my old blog, and is written in a very informal conversational style. I post there in spurts primarily in the domain of gadgets, webstuff, and randomness. Its been around since 2004 or so. Everything from medical to consumer electronics to web media, a soup to nuts approach, although why anyone would have nuts in their soup is beyond me.

The main site, www.RonAmundson.com is more formal and is my main business site. Its a newer site where I go into a lot more depth with my tech blog, more along the line of white papers than blog entries. I also hope to formalize my open source activities there through the use of a wiki.

I’m a tech dude for hire as well, if you need assistance with analog design, product development, or a tech firefighter on call, give me a holler.

On Politics

I used to be a Republican, and switched parties, even worked for President Obama’s campaign. Years ago, I was involved in state government, albeit in an appointed role. I blog on political matters at www.ronamundson.com/blog/

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The header image was taken just after a thunderstorm, 3 miles southeast of Galesville, WI looking west.

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