Spurgeon on Faith in the Sun

It takes about eight minutes for light to reach us from the sun may judge of the pace at which that light comes when we reflect a cannon ball rushing with the swiftest possible velocity would seven years to get there and that a train travelling at the of thirty miles an hour and never stopping for refreshments require more than three hundred and fifty years before it reach the terminus You may thus form some slight idea of distance that we are from the sun and this I think furnishes with a good illustration of faith There is no man who can except by faith that the sun exists That he did exist eight ago I know for here is a ray of light that has just come him and told me that but I cannot be sure that he is existing at this moment There are some of the fixed stars that are at a vast distance from the earth that a ray of light from them hundreds of years to reach us and for aught we know they have been extinct long ago Yet we still put them down in chart of the heavens and we can only keep them there by for as through faith we understand that the worlds were by the word of God so it is only by faith that we can that any of them now exist. When we come to examine the matter closely we find that our eyesight and all our faculties and senses are not sufficient to give us positive conviction with regard to these heavenly bodies and therefore we still have to exercise faith so is it to a high degree in spiritual affairs we walk by faith not by sight

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