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This is not the Time

An old friend is a teacher in CT pretty close to Sandy Hook… She writes the following…

” Believer, or non-believer, when in the midst of suffering grief, what we need is to be told we are loved and cared for. Not to be preached at or condescended to or told that somehow, we should expect such things in our society. I know the pain is felt worldwide, but from things I hear and read from people outside of this area, I honestly don’t think people understand how raw the pain is here. The theological arguments are better saved for a time when the pain is not so immediate, and maybe for when people actually ask for help.

They will know we are Christians by our love – but most of the “Christian” comments I have been reading are anything but loving. They are judgmental and condescending. They are hurtful in a time when the hurt is bad enough. Honestly, I have felt absolutely shattered by some of the things I have read in the name of Jesus. I am a follower of Jesus. But I do not believe many of the things written in his name, and even if I did, I would never in a million years use this as a time to say them. If there was ever a time to focus on loving God and loving others, and keeping what Jesus called the greatest commandments, this is that time – at least in this place. Because believe me, you feel the grief in the very air.”

God not allowed in Public Schools

I saw this and went argh….


What sort of a message is sent to grieving folks with this?

Granted, when folks get slammed hard with insurmountable grief, our inclination is to help… and in our own grief, when we find we can’t really figure out what to say, we try to rationalize things… and in the process often come up with things that serve to tear down rather than uplift, usually with a mix of pretty bad theology to boot. I’ve been there, done that, got burned and I try not to go there again…

The following is a pretty decent article I’ve come across as to how to help rather than hinder as concerns Friday’s tragedy.

Getting back to my main point, God in the public schools…

Where is it shown in the scriptures that man and/or govt can escape God’s omniprescence? Where was it ever shown in the scriptures that its govt’s role to preach the Gospel, to provide for Christian education, to offer prayer, and to foster the great commission?

It may be that in the distant past, public schools did some of the above… but as one growing up in the 70’s, the only thing I remember is a short prayer in the lockeroom or on the school bus before heading out to the field for a football game. More likely, I sort of think God in public school was an idealized past where Christianity enjoyed social privilege and stature rather than govt overtly preaching, teaching, praying and evangelizing.

Mostly, I remember my parents and a whole bunch of church ladies and others making sure Christian ed and the great commission was not just a 45 minute deal on Sunday. I remember my parents making sure that prayer was not something that only went on during Sunday services. I remember many a convo with pastor over the fence or in his garage building a canoe. Bottom line, Christian ed and discipleship is a matter of responsibility for individuals, parents, and the fellowship of believers… its not the sort of thing one throws over the wall for Uncle Sam to provide.