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Politics, God, and 1st Couple Commandments

A Republican friend posted a graphic in facebook which had the following statement. “Does anyone else think it is significant that half of the Democrat delegates denied God three times”. I was thinking about responding something to the tune of “which god”… but better judgment prevailed.

I find the whole deal troubling in a couple ways. On the one hand, I am exceedingly uneasy with using the god card for personal/political gain. On the other, to totally exclude God is not cool either. The article God and Political Platforms pretty much nails my thinking on these two issues.

Beyond that though, there is an aspect I find much more disturbing. The god card is rampant in a lot of sectors… but it is not without negative effect. Its gotten to the point that it seems the public doesn’t care which god. Going to an extreme, it makes me wonder if Christians would be cool with Freyja and Odin as gods as long as the word “god” was used frequently enough. Perhaps the unknown god Paul talked about in Acts 17 might be ok too. John Calvin once wrote. The frequency of casual use of the name of God has dulled the public conscience but that the commandment, with its penalty, still stands.

Granted, in a pluralistic society, God can range from the triune God of orthodox Christianity, to the non-Trinitarian Abrahamic gods of the Jews, Muslims, and Mormons, and in some circles, even to Freyja and Odin, and for some folks I suppose the god of the US dollar. To each his own I guess… but the use of the god card in the public sphere sure seems to run right up against the first couple commandments.

Respecting anothers beliefs, just as Paul respected the folks in Athens is a good thing… but going beyond that can easily morph into a mixed message thing which can lead to trouble. Just as I would not want to worship or pray to some Nordic god, neither would I want to worship a non-Trinitarian one.