Monthly Archives: November 2008

Making scripture absolute

Its a rather sad state of affairs that so many fail to really dig into scripture to see what it says when looking at the Bible as a whole. Its even worse, when we read into things, as to what we want it to read to appease our own (or the views of tribes at large) selfish desires, rather than letting scripture be scripture. There is a ton of ambiguity… and using too much of man’s logic and deduction can lead to some pretty crazy stuff. Like, is Sarah Pahlin the 21’st century Esther…. go figure, and yes, some folks actually believe that. Being its adiaphora for the most part, its not a huge deal theologically, albeit in some folks minds, doing so devalues the Bible.

The worst part, is when folks intertwine faith and politics based upon the assignment of absolutes without looking at the big picture to try and see if an absolute really can be called out, as #1, it opens the door to really out there teachings, some which could be pretty dangerous theologically, #2, it opens the door to bogus righteousness based upon potential falsehoods, and that sends out a terrible witness, and can cause untold damage to the kingdom. Folks wise in their own eyes can get themselves in a jam pretty fast these days it seems. (thank goodness for a couple thousand of years of history and tradition to look at, plus logic and reason) Its not that the old theologians were always right, but more so that history has a cyclical way of repeating itself, especially in the errant theology/political domain it seems.

I really like how Luther approached mans desire to make absolutes, when scripture as a whole leaves things as mystery.

“What is not spoken of in God’s Word must be left to the heavenly academy for resolution. We do not have all the answers to all mysteries in God’s Word!”

And Moses was right on as well. “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever.” (Deut. 29:29)